Interactive Media Arts Projects

The Grind: Prologue

This is a prologue to a visual novel with an interactive narrative. Created by myself using the engine Ren’Py and brush painting black ink and water on rice paper.

For the Glory of Satan…

A rather morbid (but cute) animation created with a partner using AfterEffects, Photoshop and a tablet. First time animating, so very basic methods were used.

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Laser Harp

An instrument that produces sound when the lasers are cut off by one’s fingers; created with a partner using Adobe Illustrator, laser cutting, lots of soldering, and Max MSP.

The Flying Chair Experience

An interactive installation that attempts to mimic flying. This was created with a partner by projection mapping using MadMapper, woodworking, and using Arduino and Processing.


A data scraping projecting that displays a week’s worth of tweets with the hashtag #storyofmylife which I scraped using Tweepy and presented with TimelineJS and CartoDB.

Robotic Fishing Boat

This is a prototype of a robotic fishing boat created with a partner using Arduino and by 3D printing parts of it. It’s a very basic iteration that could become much more complex.